I’m back!

17 Oct 2014

At long last I have spruced up, reconstructed and updated my website. I call it my “new-old” website (those who have read Ghosting will understand exactly what I mean). There’s some old stuff, but also a lot of new stuff, including spiffy new collages I made. There’s also info on my new book Ghosting, complete with links to both a video of the book trailer (which I love to pieces) and a clip from the outstanding audiobook, which was done with a full, and amazingly talented, cast.

So browse around and enjoy! Be sure to check out all those good looking polar bears. And check back in a few weeks to see what my Halloween costume was this year :)


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Watch the book trailer for “Ghosting” below.

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AlbumArtSmall Listen to the audio of the prologue of Ghosting.

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I’m very excited to officially announce that my novel EAST has been optioned to be made into a film! I’m thrilled with my savvy, brilliant producers who have a creative vision for the movie that they describe as Lord of the Rings meets Game of Thrones.

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Just back, and still glowing, from a visit to Bayshore Elementary School in Bradenton, Florida, where they have adopted MRS. SPITZER’S GARDEN as their inspiration and theme for the school year! “Bayshore, a global garden, where every child grows.” One of the many highlights: leading writing workshops with 4th graders in the gorgeous setting of the Selby Botanic Gardens in Sarasota.

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So 366 days later, it is clear this didn’t turn into a blog, unless there’s such a thing as an annual blog. (Clearly my Google ranking would make Neil Gaiman snigger.)

At any rate, it seems fitting somehow to check back, a year later, with an update, to tell about my appearance as a reader at Freedom School, a fantastic program run by the Children’s Defense Fund.

Freedom School is a six-week summer reading program in which over 10,000 kids in 87 cities all around the country participate. (Check out this article about Freedom Schools in the Huffington Post http://www.huffingtonpost.com/marian-wright-edelman/the-promise-of-freedom-sc_b_893562.html)

Last week I read Mrs. Spitzer’s Garden to about thirty kids at the University District CDF Freedom School in Columbus, Ohio. I got to do Harambee and strut my stuff, and was blown away by the awesome kids and teachers.

Here we are, a Freedom School garden:

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Hello world!

12 Jul 2010

Day one of my website.

This is where I will check in to convey any updates, upcoming appearances, and generally random stuff that may or may not turn into a blog.


Edith Pattou

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