I’m back!

17 Oct 2014

At long last I have spruced up, reconstructed and updated my website. I call it my “new-old” website (those who have read Ghosting will understand exactly what I mean). There’s some old stuff, but also a lot of new stuff, including spiffy new collages I made. There’s also info on my new book Ghosting, complete with links to both a video of the book trailer (which I love to pieces) and a clip from the outstanding audiobook, which was done with a full, and amazingly talented, cast.

So browse around and enjoy! Be sure to check out all those good looking polar bears. And check back in a few weeks to see what my Halloween costume was this year ­čÖé


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Watch the book trailer for “Ghosting” below.

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AlbumArtSmall Listen to the audio of the prologue of Ghosting.

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