Thursday 14th July 2011

by edie

So 366 days later, it is clear this didn’t turn into a blog, unless there’s such a thing as an annual blog. (Clearly my Google ranking would make Neil Gaiman snigger.)

At any rate, it seems fitting somehow to check back, a year later, with an update, to tell about my appearance as a reader at Freedom School, a fantastic program run by the Children’s Defense Fund.

Freedom School is a six-week summer reading program in which over 10,000 kids in 87 cities all around the country participate. (Check out this article about Freedom Schools in the Huffington Post

Last week I read Mrs. Spitzer’s Garden to about thirty kids at the University District CDF Freedom School in Columbus, Ohio. I got to do Harambee and strut my stuff, and was blown away by the awesome kids and teachers.

Here we are, a Freedom School garden:

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